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Its a traditional 90skids and our childhood mouth watering candy...!

Yumm to the core! is an Official website for 80s and 90s.

This website is World of Nostalgia!!! 

Below candies are 90's kids favorite snacks.

Mummy daddy,Choco Sip,Magic Pops,Milk Powder,Puli(Tamarind) jam apsara, Elandhai(Jujube) powder, puppy Elandhai(Jujube) Jam, Honey Jam, color pocket pulipu / imli spoon puli, paper appalam, edaikal (weigh stone) mittai, marshmallow candy coin javvu mittai Sweet chilli / sweet milagai Kalgona Thean mittai Kayaru mittai Kadalai polish jeeragam mittai Cigerette mittai Pommai (Toy) Biscuit Kamarkat Pulipu mittai orange mittai Thengai(Coconut) mittai Mango mittai Polo mittai strong mittai-soodam mittai round rose mittai Cone kuchi mittai grape javvu Gold coin chocolate color cashew Elandha sweet Elandha karam(Hot) Peeda mittai sweet jelly candy Soodam mittai (bricks shape) sengal mittai / rose mint Rose javvu mittai Palgova white javvu ABCD biscuit Button  biscuit color pulippu mittai lemon pulippu mittai lollypop Ellu urundai Elandhai powder Color pencil maskat mixer ball peanut urundai Pencil mittai puppy elandha jam inji murapa Pottu kadalai ball peanut coconut burfi coconut burfi kuchi milagai color kayiru mittai Boost candy Horlicks candy

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